Wednesday, June 22, 2005


When talking to new clients in the financial industry, we often get the question, "Why should I care about financial psychology?" Once we answer that question we typically hear, "What can I do to improve myself and my team?" And then we occasionally hear, "How do I make money with this stuff?"

This blog answers all three questions.

Academics study investor psychology under the guise of various fields of research: behavioral finance, personality psychology, cognitive science, neuroeconomics, affective neuroscience, and many others. We're here to simplify, focus, and condense the research into something relevant and useful. We aim to save you money and make you more successful in your business.

Our postings will be organized into general topics such as:
1. Psychological biases
2. Your financial personality
3. Important recent research
4. A psychological spin on current financial happenings
5. The neuroscience of money
6. Market anomalies
to name a few...

We're hoping this site helps you live a happier, healthier, and more financially comfortable life.

Best Wishes,
Richard Peterson MD
Frank Murtha PhD

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