Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cashing in in 2010

A link to a fine article written by Bob Frick over at on poker and investing - specifically how working on the former can greatly improve your skill in the latter.

The article features insights from MarketPsych's Frank Murtha, as well as from Daniel Negreanu, which - if you're a poker fan - is always at treat.

Fun and interesting stuff.

MarketPsych offers advanced coaching/seminars to traders, financial analysts, financial advisors, money managers as well.

If you want to get better at your game, give us a shout at for more information.

Cheers. And good luck in 2010.

Dr. Frank Murtha

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MaskedFinancier said...

Dr. Murtha

Thanks for mentioning Bob's article on your site and I found your own comments in the article to be very instructive.

Your comments were also encouraging to me as the promoter of the Texas Holdem Investing method of teaching investing through poker.

I have expanded on the Kiplinger article, and focus on the fact that playing poker for "free" or "paper" trading will not do much for your playing abilities apart from learning the rules.
You can view the article at

I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the article and indeed the site.

Keep up the good work,

John (aka The Masked Financier)