Tuesday, February 07, 2012

MarketPsych Films: The Facebook IPO - Part I

MarketPsych's first digital film installment on the Facebook IPO from our "Bob and Helen" series for financial advisors.

Link HERE or click on Red Curtain Above.

Also a shout out to Melissa Lee of CNBC for noticing the deja vu of "new metrics" being trotted out in support of Internet stocks. (Nice to know we aren't the only ones who felt it.)


(Note: It looks like ZNGA is beginning to reward it's shareholders. We wish them well.)

Happy Investing.

And hey... let's be careful out there.

-Dr. Frankenstocks
Frank Murtha, Ph.D.

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Christopher said...

This is so true and that's what makes it so funny. I'm guessing the price will soar for Facebook, but I don't trust IPOs. I've been watching the other MarketPsych videos too and they are also well done. Good job