Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buying Bank of America During a Panic

We don't usually (ever?) publicize trading signals AFTER they were made good, but I found this one interesting:
>> 20110824,BAC,B,7940,6.3,50000,1,63846,1327214649.6,3,20110829,smb_t3_v1,S3.hvix.Reboundnr1.hi.Volfd3.hi.Selloffnd3.hi.PR2.lo

What that code represents is one of our quant sentiment-based trading signals telling us to buy BAC (Bank of America) and hold for a week.  The stock is currently up 9.76% today.

Yesterday we noticed our sentiment cluster showing GDX (Gold miners) as overbought and KBE (Banks) as oversold.   Both of these have mean reverted.  The current environment is excellent for mean-reversion based strategies.

In September we're launching a new newsletter in which we will be distributing our trading signals before the market open.

Happy Investing!

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